About Us

Collegiate Sports Travel specializes in premier hotel accommodations for all levels of College Athletics. Our program is devoted to schools with athletic programs, whether big or small.

We recognize the challenges that Coaches face every day when it comes to scheduling, budgets, and the details that go along with team travel and know how to help you organize and save valuable budget dollars, while still maintaining a high level of quality and service. Our skilled and professional staff provides you with excellent hotel choices at extremely competitive rates.

Now here's the best part... Our service is Free. There is no cost to your University!!


"CST is a great service that makes the life of a DFO much easier and more efficient. Sky and Sarah are amazing to work with and take a lot of stress off of their clients and are very professional in doing so. I highly recommend using CST for your team and staff travel needs."

Shane Elder
Director of Football Operations
U. of North Texas




We take great pride at Virginia Tech in doing things the right way, that's why we use Collegiate Sports Travel, they do things the right way! I leave my travel in their hands. The best rates and service I've ever had.”

John Ballein
Associate Athletic Director
Virginia Tech Football