"Collegiate Sports Travel has saved us a great deal of money off our travel budget at all of the Universities I've worked at. Hands down the best service, rates, and negotiating in the business. They are detailed, smart and know what it takes to handle travel. They book top hotels and still manage to save schools money. It's a win-win for everyone."

Josh Brooks - Executive Associate AD- U. of Georgia


We take great pride at Virginia Tech in doing things the right way, that's why we use Collegiate Sports Travel, they do things the right way! I leave my travel in their hands. The best rates and service I've ever had.

John Ballein -Associate Athletic Director -Virginia Tech Football



"Wherever I have coached, Collegiate Sports Travel has always treated me like family. Debo and staff are the best- no matter what you need for Team Travel and Recruiting, they deliver and make it as smooth as possible!"

Jeremy Shyatt -Assistant Coach - U. of Wyoming Men's Basketball

“I have used Collegiate Sports Travel for many years at multiple universities.  They are professional, thorough and easy to work with.  They understand the needs of major college football programs.  CST provides many hotel options in each location.  They know the experience level of each property.  They negotiate pricing and contracts very well.  And they work closely with you in the weeks leading up to the stay and follow up with you after.  You can be confident working with Collegiate Sports Travel.”

Clifford Snow.- Director of Football Operations - U. of South Florida

“We are locked in with Collegiate Sports Travel and honestly we just consider them a part of our operations and game day team. That’s how detailed Sky and her crew are, and best thing they are virtually like another staff member with accessibility virtually any time. In our business there really are no ‘normal’ work hours or schedules and Collegiate Sports Travel operates that way. They also know how important budgets, imaging and consistency are and they spend the time vetting things knowing the expectations we have.”

 Brad Larrondo - Senior Associate Athletic Director -Football Administration and External Affairs

"Sarah is highly experienced and capable of giving sound advice in arranging accommodations, which makes her indispensable. She always makes herself available and is quick to reply to any questions I might have. Her assistance benefits the entire UTSA football program and ensures that our travel goes as smoothly as possible."

Amanda Gilpin - Director of Football Operations- U. of Texas San Antonio

“I’ve been working with CST since 2007 and they have done everything from booking our team travel, to recruiting rooms, to summer camps. We have saved time and money every year by using them and I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Jeff Rudy- Director of Football Operations- U. of Utah

“Collegiate Sports Travel has been an essential part of the Mountain West Football Championship Game since its inception. Sky, Sarah and their team are second-to-none in customer service and ensuring our hotel partners are meeting the needs of our teams. The added benefit inthe MW is the relationships they have with so many of our institutions throughout the course of the year.”

Jaime Hixson- Associate Commissioner- Mountain West Conference

“The service CST provides is essential to a DFO! When our team walks in to a hotel, there is zero stress knowing Sky and her team have vetted out any issues! We have been using them for so long, I cannot remember what we did before them, and I don’t want to! Besides making the hotel bid process simple and easy, they are always guaranteed to negotiate the best prices and keep you under budget. Sky, Sarah and the entire CST team provide more than a service, they are partners in the success of your program!” 

Bryan McGinnis - Director of Football Operations - U. of Colorado 

"Collegiate Sports Travel has helped our football program tremendously since we first used their services in 2008. Collegiate Sports Travel provides me with a list of hotels in each city that have a proven record hosting teams and bids our team travel specs competitively. After that process, I am able to choose the best hotel fit for our team. After I choose the hotel I want, Collegiate Sports Travel goes to work to get our team the most competitive pricing on rooms and food taking care of the hard part of negotiating."

John Widecan - Assoc. Athletic Director/Football Operations - U. of Cincinnati